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Our Story

Hi, we're Jen and Eric, and we own and run a "Paddock to Product" Suri Alpaca farm. Aside from our herd of alpacas, we have two dogs - Sammy and VJ, guinea fowl, and chickens at our Larnook farm and home.

JenEric Farms decided to breed Suri Alpacas because they are prized by weavers and fashion designers for their longer and silkier fibres. We concentrate on white, but have other colours as well, with well-bred stock from Australian champion heritage and genetics.


Suri fleece is known as the "fibre of the gods" because it is lustrous, long-wearing, contains no lanolin content and is extremely comfortable. A high-quality Suri coat is so lustrous it glistens in the sunlight and feels like cool silk. There's nothing like the elegant look of a Suri moving in full fleece. We also admire their wilder nature, and see it as a characteristic of strength and resilience.

The decision to breed high-quality Suris meant we also had to ensure our farm was biosecure. This process involved a program of exclusion of parasites and chemical threats to our paddocks and working areas. It enabled us to be certified as a biosecure property, and also established the farm as a Q-Alpaca breeding stud. Whenever we sell or transfer stock, we can provide new owners with parasite-free, healthy, well-fed animals. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our Suris is a priority of our breeding strategy.


 All crias are born on our property.  The first son of one of our mothers, Micholitta, who herself is a multiple champion, won second and reserve senior male champion at the 2019 Royal Show in Canberra, so we are expecting great things from her newly born male cria, Rosewood.


Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality fleece to the growing Suri Alpaca market from a biosecure, regenerative farm nestled in the beautiful Northern Rivers area of NSW.


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