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Adoption Program

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Have you ever wanted to own Alpacas but thought the prospect of looking after a small herd of Alpacas too daunting or you do not have the right type of property? Or maybe you are looking for some herd protection from foxes for your sheep, goats, or cattle. We might be able to help.

JenEric Alpaca Farm has a program where you can buy one, two, three, or as many as you would like, and they can remain here on our farm and be looked after the same as the rest of our herd!

We have developed an adoption type of program that is successful already. The Alpacas belong to you, and we can sell them for you at any time. You can, as others do, keep the mothers here on the farm, we care for them, have them impregnated with one of our prize-winning males, and you can decide to sell the young ones, or take them as young wethers for herd protection. Alpacas are very effective herd guards. 

You can then keep the mothers here for further breeding. The cria are yours as well as the mothers, so, if/when you want to take them to your property, we can deliver. How does that sound? Alpacas can live for 20 to 25 years, so there can be years of enjoyment and herd guarding and you can grow your own small herd.

We ensure they remain a part of our regular drenching, vaccination, shearing, and feeding regimen – all for no extra cost. We continue to take care of them just like our own. We will keep you up to date on their progress with videos, blogs, and emails. And, best of all, you can come visit with the family and see for yourselves how your alpacas are growing!

As one group who are very happy doing this said "we are now their grandparents, and you do all the work taking care of our Alpacas. It's great".

Jenny and Eric would love to discuss our Alpaca Adoption Program so give us a call or email.

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