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Another 4, arrive at their new home

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Rosewood (male), Princess Aurora, Hey Jude & Spirit. Well, it doesn't get any easier, but we have the knowledge and confidence that our beautiful 4 alpacas have arrived in Victoria to their loving and caring new home.

Jenn & Rob from Errydge Park Suri Alpacas, have purchased these four, and know them very well. Rosewood's dad, Rhodes, was cared for by Jenn & Rob, and they also looked after Princess Aurora's mother Raindrops.

It was a long trip in the float from here, and now they will be in quarantine for a couple of days, before entering into the herd of 200 alpacas. Rosewood will be excited to see all the girls, and commence his new job of becoming a father (a few times over).

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