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Farewell to Viva & Raindrops

It was a bitter-sweet moment when we said farewell to our Viva and Raindrops. We have sold Viva to her original owner, Errydge Alpacas Park in Victoria. We know Viva will be very happy, and very familiar with her surroundings. Raindrops has accompanied Viva, but she will return after being mated with Ambleside Mareo, another Ambleside Alpaca champion. We miss her already, and look forward to her return.

Here is Viva, looking like Ringo Star ... Safe travels girl, and we will miss your confidence and trust with us.

My girl, Raindrops. We connected from day 1, and we already miss her but know, she's in good hands.

Here's a short video of Viva.

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