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Spreading the Alpaca Love around

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Eric and I are concentrating on moving and splitting up the herd into our 5 paddocks. This, we hope, will combat our barbers pole worm outbreak.

They are all settling in nicely. More room, more food, and more attention:

Here is Taj (after his surgery), Wendy, Dreambell, and Avatar in the Home Paddock:

Billy in the Bedford Paddock, watching VJ very closely ...

Raindrops with her daughter, Princess Aurora, and Chameleon (aka Judy) with her girl, Judy's Girl, and our Peter Pan the protector - first day in the Lower Paddock ...

In the Bedford we have (from the left) ... Odin, Royal Prince, Gold Dust, Billy, Rosewood, and Peter Pan who we've moved to the Lower Paddock ...

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