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Time for some quiet time

After the dreadful state of too much flooding and rain, warm weather, and no sunshine, we have a barbers pole worm situation on our hands. The constant worm drenching can cause resistance, so our answer is to attempt to STOP the cycle. First thing to do is split up the herd so we can monitor them more closely. Second thing to keep the paddocks as clean as possible, and to make sure all food given, is off the ground, and in baskets. Third thing is regular mineral and vitamin drenches. And we will get back to you on the fourth, fifth, sixth etc thing as we learn ourselves.

Here is our two 4 month old orphaned crias whose mothers died from barbers pole worm, Kazuri and Tinkerbell. Also, our wether Avatar to look after them, and Dreambell who is Wendy's sister, and therefore, also lost her mum Tinkerbell.

As you can see, Taj has bandages on his backside - as per previous blog details.

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