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Wendy & Spirit's first day of Halter Training

Avatar and Gold Dust were mascots for Wendy and Spirit on their first day of halter training. Both these boys went through the same lessons and are so easy to walk now. Hopefully Wendy and Spirit will be as well.

It is very important to be able to halter and walk your alpacas. They need constant check up's, and being able to get close is important for any medical attention they may need. Also, walking them to other paddocks, or other places. They certainly need to be halter trained for alpaca shows - which they appear to have a lot of fun doing.

Here is Eric leading Wendy ... or trying to. It's a slow process, and takes a lot of patience. It certainly cannot be done in a hurry.

Wendy and Spirit feel the halter for the first time:

This is Spirit telling us she's over it, and had enough for today:

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