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Welcome to JenEric Alpaca Farm
Now Selling - 1511 Cawongla Road, Larnook  NSW  2480



JenEric Alpaca Farm has a well-planned breeding program, for the production of top quality fleece, that is based around the selection of the highest quality stock. Our mothers (hembras), themselves bred from high-quality genetics out of the very respected Ambleside breeding stock, have been mated with award-winning stud males (machos), and have already produced award-winning offspring (crias, pronounced creeas). The younger maiden hembras have had their mating machos carefully selected to ensure we can continue to develop our own long line of renowned male and female Suris for their fibre, and continued breeding. Considering Alpacas can live more than 20 years, we believe we will have a long line of high-quality Suri fleece for yarn and garments.

We will continue to provide updates on how our fleece and breeding program is progressing, so make sure to check back regularly!

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