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Micron & Fleece Results


You may already know there are two types of Alpacas: Suri (pronounced Sooree) and Huacaya (pronounced Wuh-kai-ya). They are different both in physical appearance and in the specific characteristics of their fibre. Suri Alpacas appear more angular and slender due to the long, lustrous fibres that hang down against their bodies, a bit like dreadlocks. By contrast, Huacaya fibres grow perpendicular to the skin in tighter bunches, more like sheep wool. Only about 12 per cent of Alpacas are Suri Alpacas, with Huacaya being the most prevalent breed by far. Our shearing produces high-quality fleece with very low micron count, high comfort value, and excellent lustre, a sign of both very good genetic history and local animal husbandry.


Our Alpaca herd is shorn every year in October, and each year we will have high-quality Suri fleece and superfine cria fleece for sale.  Suri fleece makes wonderful cushions, blankets, jumpers, beanies, gloves, and it is becoming popular for all fashion clothing items.  We are hoping to sell to local spinners, knitters, and weavers, or small fashion businesses with the common goal to support our community to grow.


We will update our fleece for sale each year. Interested buyers are encouraged to contact us.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sheer Ultra (SU) less than 17 micron (˂16.6µ)   

  • Ultrafine (UF) 17 - 18 micron (16.6 - 18.5µ)

  • Superfine (SF) 19 - 20 micron (18.6 - 20.5µ)

  • Fine (F) 21 - 24 micron (20.6 - 24.5µ)

  • Medium (M) 25 - 28 micron (24.6 - 28.5µ)

  • Strong (S) 29 - 36 micron (28.6 - 36.5µ)

  • Extra Strong (XS) greater than 36 micron (>36.5µ)              


Micron Results

Suri Fleece Score Card



Micron Results


Micron Results

Princess Aurora 2021
Our top fleece result.
100% Comfort Value, 15 Micron, 110 Staple Length

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