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Meet The Alpacas



Uncle Alex was one of our first. He is a wether (castrated male) and is our best wether by far. He is incredibly caring, and responsible for all the young ones. We keep Alex with our young ones when we are halter training, as Alex will show them how it is done first, before their turn. The young ones love Alex and will do whatever he tells them to do. There is so much trust there. Royal Prince has looked up to Alex and been very close to him from birth. On the 19/04/2022 Alex was sold to a lovely family in The Channon. He will be used for a Therapy Alpaca. We miss him very much but know he'll love all the attention.


Athena was first named Apollo, but we discovered he was a she at our 2021 shear. Athena is the daughter of Ambleside Emma Too and Ambleside Stavros. She is an appaloosa, and joins Emma and Jesse as the appaloosa family grows.


On the 27th of April 2020, Avatar was born. We named him Avatar because his dad is called Aztec, and his mum is called Flavia. It took us a while to test a few combinations of the two names but settled on Avatar. Avatar was born with a bent ear, as you can see on the photo, but Jesse had a bent ear at birth too, and it seemed to straighten out.

Bill Bailey


Billy is our solid black 1-year-old (2022) boy. He came to us with his mum and 3 other alpacas, who needed to find a new home. Billy was not halter trained, but when we put the halter on to move him into another paddock, it was liked he’d been halter trained from birth. He just quietly trotted along next to us. He is friendly and inquisitive, and very trusting. He will make a beautiful stud male.


Chameleon, who we nicknamed “Judy” after my mum, because after my mum died, we decided to venture into the world of alpacas. Chameleon was one of our first, and because she has one striking blue eye (my mum had striking blue eyes too), we called her Judy.



Our new, many award winning, girl Cinnamon (dob 2018). Thanks to our good friends at Wahgungurry Alpaca Stud and to Ambleside Alpacas. She is a beautiful, shy, sweet natured girl. So easy to halter and walk.

Dream Bell

We came up with the name Dream Bell because her dam (mum) is called Tinkerbell and her sire (dad) is call Maker of Dreams.


Emma is the happiest when she is pregnant. She loves being a mum and is the best at it we have seen. She has three daughters on our farm, and one granddaughter - Chameleon, Jesse, Athena, and her grand-daughter, Judy’s Girl.

Fairy Lights


Fairy Lights is one of our friendliest alpacas. She wants to hang out. She will follow right next to you wherever you go and will be the first to greet you.



Flavia is one of our older girls. Avatar is her cria, born on our farm mid-2020. Flavia is adored by the young ones, and we call her Aunty Flavia.

Gold Dust


On the 1st day of May 2021, on a cold but beautifully sunny day, Gold Dust became another addition to the family. His mum is called Moon Dust and his dad is called Aztec, so we thought it fitting to call him Gold Dust. He was up, running around and feeding the quickest of all of the cria yet.



Jesse was our very first cria to be born on our property to our Emma. We named her Jesse after our grand-nephew Jesse who would spend many hours with them when he came to visit. The Alpacas loved him!

Judy's Girl


Named after Judy Moore, my mother, who means everything to us, and left us with the opportunity for our Alpaca Breeding Farming venture. Judy's Girl is daughter of Chameleon and Stavros. She has brilliantly white fleece and was up and running at birth.



Micholitta is from a family of show 1st place winners. Micholitta is probably the boss of the mob. She is a protector and not trusting of anything or anyone. She is the spitter of the herd. We love her spunk and spirit and she gave us young “Rosewood” who is now our first certified male.

Miss Kirsty


Miss Kirsty is a beautiful, black, grey, and white appaloosa. At one year old she was bigger than most of the adults. She is delicate and quite stunning to look at with a face that looks like it’s been painted on. Kirsty and Billy are best friends, and inseparable. We will most likely never separate them, and they will, most likely, have a baby together. True love.

Moon Dust

Moon Dust is a strong leader and mother. She is very protective of her cria and will not hesitate to cover you in spit if you come close. Her cria born on the farm is Gold Dust. Because Flavia and Moon Dust happen to be such good friends, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Avatar and Gold Dust are so close too.

Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming is our oldest and most experienced wether (castrated male). He came to us from Victoria, and he is a wonderful protector. He loves his job, and the mob loves and respects him. He was very relieved when Alex (our other wether), was moved into his paddock, as we think he was finding the job of looking after a mob of aggressive pregnant alpacas very hard work! Another male to help was a relief I’m sure.

Odette's Girl

Odette was one of our first. She was quiet, and always disappeared into the background. You would often not know she was there. Very gently and never any problem… until she had her first cria “Odin” (born on the farm). Odette turned that very day. She became over the top, overprotective, and would charge at anyone who came close. She would try and bite us and jump on us… the change was astounding. Odin has been weaned now, and moved to the kid’s paddock, but Odette has not reverted to that sweet little girl. Becoming a mother has certainly brought about incredible confidence – maybe a bit too confident!


Odin is the son of Odette's Girl and Stavros. A beautiful male, who comes from award winning stock.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan’s name has either determined who he is or is just meant to be. He is, without a doubt, the boy that never grows up. Peter Pan is one of our wethers (castrated male), whose job it is to protect and look after the mob. However, he doesn’t like work, and only wants to play and chase our dog VJ, around the paddock. His fleece is amazingly soft, and the stats are incredibly good, especially for his age.

Princess Aurora


Princess Aurora is the daughter of Rain Drops and Shanbrooke Prototype. With beautiful white fleece, she comes from a long line of award winning suri alpacas.

Rain Drops

I don’t like to have favourites, but Rain Drops comes close. She was one of our first, so we have known her since she was just a youngin’. Rain Drops is very trusting of us and feels very comfortable around us. She has a strong, attractive face, and has a lot of self-assurance. Rain Drops was sired with Prototype, a stud in Victoria, to produce our “Princess Aurora”, who is our top fleece scorer with 100% comfort factor.



2nd Place in National Suri Fleece Challenge 2020 for "Most Valuable Commercial Suri Fleece"
4th in Suri Junior White
Rosewood's name comes from his parents, Micholitta and Rhodes. Rhodes means "clearing of the woods", and "where the roses grow". Micholitta's dam (mum), Icoletta, is an award-winning Alpaca from Ambleside in Victoria.

Royal Dream

Royal Dream is our horse of the alpacas. She is big and powerful, and has a magnificence about her, like a thoroughbred horse. Her cria, born on the farm, is Royal Prince, who with Stavros as her sire, is an amazing boy who will be our top mating male of all that are born here so far.

Royal Prince


1st Place in National Suri Fleece Challenge 2020 for "Most Valuable Commercial Suri Fleece"
3rd in Suri Junior White
Royal Prince comes from Royal Dream, and his sire, Stavros - both royalty indeed! We have even observed the manner in which Royal Prince cushes (sits) with his head looking up like a Prince.


Born January 28, 2022. Spirit is the daughter of our Royal Dream and Ambleside Alpacas' Stavros.

Ultimate Wicca

Wicca came to us with her daughter, Kirsty, and 3 other suri alpaca’s that needed a new home. Wicca was fierce and didn’t like us at all. Kirsty had not been weaned at a year old, and Wicca was not letting anyone near her or Kirsty. She would cover us in spit whenever we tried to move her. However, after we weaned Kirsty, she completely relaxed and appeared to really like us. Her other daughter is Kazuri, who has been with us for some time.


Born January 27, 2022
Wendy is the daughter of our Tinker Bell and Ambleside Alpacas' Stavros. We wanted to continue the Peter Pan theme and decided on Wendy as her name.

Wish List


Wish List came to us recently with Wicca, Mocha, Kirsty, and Billy. It was a sad story for dear Wisha. When we bought her, we were told that as she was giving birth, a wild dog came and took it away. Wisha grieved for months and months we were told. Wisha is a beautiful looking suri, with a beautiful heart. She always looks into your eyes with kindness.

Wyona Moch Arabica


Wyona Moch Arabica aka Mocha is one of the new 5 that came to us at the end of 2021. She came to us with her then 1-year-old son, Billy. Mocha, like Wicca, come from magnificent blue ribbon Peruvian stock. On the 19/04/2022 "Mocha" was sold with Alex to a lovely young family living in The Channon. This is her forever home where she'll get lots of TLC.