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Perfect for your baby and your baby’s baby!


Wrap up your bundle of joy in this super soft heirloom cot blanket. Made from Suri alpaca fleece, grown right here in Australia, this blanket is a safe and sustainable choice for your baby’s future. Enhance your cuddle time and swaddle your little one in love.


Suri alpaca fleece is especially breathable and lightweight, and while similar to wool in being fire and water resistant, it is less prone to pilling. We use Cria fleece for these cot blankets, which comes from our younger Suri alpacas, which is even softer than cashmere. Our Suri alpacas are raised on the certified biosecure JenEric Alpaca Farm in the Northern Rivers, NSW and their fleece is processed, spun, and woven right here in Australia.

Woven Lace Cot Blankets

  • 120cm x 64cm

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