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Dyed naturally to create a unique effect each time, no two bush dyed scarves are the same.

The bush dying process is achieved by using various eucalyptus leaves and barks. Our weaver (Ashculme Textiles) collects leaves and bark from their bushland property, as well as from river varieties. They then bundle the leaves and bark with the yarn and apply heat. The result is beautifully subtle shades which run from eucalyptus greens, to bark red-brown. The outcome is unique every time, and a special representation of the Australian bush.


Our Suri alpaca fleece scarves are super soft, stylish, and sustainable. Suri alpaca fleece is exceptionally breathable and lightweight. While similar to cashmere and wool in being fire and water-resistant, Suri alpaca fleece is less prone to pilling. Our Suri alpacas are raised on the certified biosecure JenEric Alpaca Farm in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Bushed Eco Dyed Scarves

  • 190cm x 30cm

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