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Wrap yourself in luxurious Suri alpaca fleece.


Suri fleece is exceptionally warm and breathable, making our beautiful shawls the perfect all-season wardrobe staple. They add warmth elegantly. Our local craftspeople incorporated a geometric design in these shawls, creating contrast and interest. The Suri fleece is all natural with no added dye.


Our Suri alpaca fleece is super soft, stylish, and sustainable. Suri alpaca fleece is exceptionally breathable and lightweight. While similar to cashmere and wool in being fire and water-resistant, Suri Alpaca fleece is less prone to pilling. Our Suri alpacas are raised on the certified biosecure JenEric Alpaca Farm in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Jesse Bush Dyed Woven Shawls

  • 200cm x 55cm, weight 412 grams

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