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Each October we shear our herd of 30 or some suri alpacas.  We bag each of their fleece up separately, and prepare them for the shows, and for sending to the mill to be made into yarn.  


Prior to sending the fleece off, it all needs to be cleaned of vegetation and dirt.  That's my job.


We have three options for sale:

1.  Raw - Completely straight off the alpaca with no cleaning = $25 per kilo

2.  Uncleaned - Fleece that is cleaner but still hasn't been hand cleaned = $30 per kilo

3.  Hand Cleaned - Fleece that has been totally hand cleaned = $40 per kilo


We have whites, fawns, blacks, greys, and appaloosa (browns & whites).

Please send us an enquiry if you'd like further information.  Visitors are welcome to come and choose which they'd prefer.  Just call ahead to make an appointment.

Raw Suri Fleece

PriceFrom $25.00
1 Kilogram
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