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The Last Five

Well it's been a wonderful adventure and we fell in love with each of our 38 alpacas. Some very happy moments and some very sad moments. Our time on the farm has come to an end, and we managed to sell all of our alpacas to caring, loving families, who stay in regular contact with us with updates on our alpacas. Some have given birth which has bought a lot of excitement and happiness to everyone.

Our last five have now left us: Billy, Royal Prince, Cinnamon, Emma, and Royal Dream. They are now living in the most beautiful part of the northern rivers, Coorabell, and loving their life there.

Here is a photo of them relaxing in their new home.

Thanks to all of you for coming along the ride with us and showing us an enormous amount of support.

Time to say ..... Alpaca My Bags and move on. :)

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