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Infinity scarves, also known as cowl's, are a versatile wardrobe addition for all weather.


They are called infinity scarves because they are formed by a single loop. This means you can create gorgeous and cosy looks without too much bulk or excess fabric.


Our Suri alpaca fleece infinity scarves are super soft, stylish, and sustainable. Suri alpaca fleece is exceptionally breathable and lightweight. While similar to cashmere and wool in being fire and water-resistant, Suri Alpaca fleece is less prone to pilling. Our Suri alpacas are raised on the certified biosecure JenEric Alpaca Farm in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Tinkerbell Crocheted Cowl/Infinity Scarf

Colour: Tinkerbell Pink Short Cowl
Out of Stock
  • 30cm x 10cm

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