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A JenEric Life ....

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello to you and welcome to JenEric Farms. One night, mid-2018, Eric and I decided to be Alpaca breeders. And after some research, we purchased some land in Larnook NSW in January 2019. Not being farmers, the life on our Alpaca farm is all very new to us and exciting, with the highs and lows that seem to come with a farm life. After having the great fortune of meeting Barbara Linley from Ambleside in Victoria, who has been our mentor all the way through, we bought our first 5 Alpacas in June 2019. Here they are looking a little confused like we were back then .. but happy none-the-less :)

One month later we had a 10 strong herd. These additional 5 came to us pregnant. Also looking a little lost .. like us ... but again, happy :)

This herd grew with an additional 4, and 1 month ago (26/2/2020) we had the wonderful experience of witnessing the birth of our first cria. Here is Emma with little Jesse.

Today, 28/3/2020, we have 3 crias, Jesse, Royal Prince, & Dream Bell. With the now 17 strong herd, they made the big move to the front paddock - a long walk but with lots of beautiful grass that awaited them ... No problem for the 1 & 2-day old crias.

That brings us up-to-date so far. We look forward to sharing with you all the adventures of a JenEric Farm Life.

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